Binding Poppet

Did you know that you could make A poppet out of anything to represent A paticular Host,Bind its arms together and prevent them from hurting themselves,Another person,Or you?

You will Need the Following:

1.items to make your poppet.Carved or plain twigs will work.

2.Twine of any kind.


4.Frankincense candle

Make the poppet and add your DNA

Make A second one with the same thing as the first but the other persons DNA instead.If you cannot get their DNA A personal item will work.If you cannot get that then go to A picture,Favorite Color,And So On.

Light the Sage And Frankincense and Pass the poppets through the cleansing smoke to purify the Poppets.

Carve A pentagram on the Black candle and anoint it with your Spit.

Light the candle and place it between the two poppets and chant the following,

As Above So Below,I Bind You With this Little Rope.

Your arms are tied,and your will is gone to hurt—————(Persons Name)

with your negative wrongs.

As I seal The Spell and Tie the knot,Your wrongful doings will be for naught.

The spell is done it comes from me,as I will it done,


keep the poppets on your altar,Stick with pins at will.

Always Use Caution when tampering with someones Will..