Spiritual Forgiveness

It could be an idea, that for those who are at the beginning of a spiritual path,  the first step is not to attempt to be of service to others.

It may be better, to first take the steps, to know and love the self.

To come into communion with the self, so that one becomes to oneself, the individual that others are to themselves.

It is often the self which criticizes the self the most harshly.

The self has an internal voice, that pulls, and tears at one’s feeling of self-worth.

These negative voices, from within need to be reckoned with.

These voices are speaking to you of pain.

This pain must be investigated and all involved forgiven.

Most of the forgiveness, that is needed at the beginning of the spiritual search, is the forgiveness of the self.

For one may at times forgive others far more easily than one forgives the self.

It may be important to forgive,  love, and care for the self, in a nurturing manner in order that one, may love one’s neighbor as oneself/

After all.

How can service to others be performed, by those who do not love the self?