Seeking Spirits

Right now, somewhere on Earth, on each and every continent,

people are actively, consciously venerating, petitioning, thanking,

channeling, communicating with, interacting with, and/or pleading

with spirits. What do they seek?

• Healing

• Protection

• Prosperity

• Happiness

• Power

• Direct contact with the sacred

People haven’t been doing this futilely for thousands of years

because there’s nothing else for them to do with their time. Spirit

veneration has survived and thrived despite thousands of years of

brutal opposition because it produces joy, success, and positive

results. In fiction, people run from vicious spirits, but in real life,

people actively seek their presence and have historically suffered

tremendous persecution in order to maintain relationships with

spirits because the rewards are immeasurable.

Thousands of years of propaganda to the contrary, encounters and

experiences with spirits are generally positive. That’s why people

keep seeking them out. Rather than wreaking havoc, spirits help,

protect, and guide us. They rescue us from all sorts of disasters,

performing miracles, and providing lifelines when conventional

solutions fail.

Requests for contact, personal encounters with spirits, and rituals

honoring them are occurring right now in modern, highly populated,

sophisticated cities as well as out in the boondocks and everywhere in between. I feel absolutely confident writing that no matter when you are reading this, people are engaged in some sort of spiritual interaction.

Yes, some of the people engaged in these activities may be poorly

educated or of low intellect, but others are academics, engineers,

physicians, and other highly educated professionals of all kinds.

Presumably, some are delusional, but most are not (and anyway,

plenty of certifiably delusional people fervently deny the existence

of spirits, too. There’s no proof in that, one way or the other.)