Spell Work/ An Opinion

Witchcraft isn’t something you can just jump into and start casting spells; it takes time to study and understand that there are laws to learn and rules to obey. Most that are new to witchcraft think you can just buy a book or read a web page and you’re a witch, okay let’s test that theory, let’s say for the moment that you can’t swim and you try that book reading technique in the pool, how far do you think you will get before you have to be saved.

Spell casting works on the same principle, you need to learn slowly and only over time will you come to understand and get better at it. The key to it all is practice slowly and gain your knowledge.

Witchcraft is not a game either and is should never be taken lightly; this is why it is frowned upon by most of the civilised world; as you will be dealing with forces that are much older than the existence of mankind, treat it with the respect that it deserves.