Astrology The Sun

The glyph of the Sun is a circle with a point in the center. Both the circle and the point represent different kinds of infinity.

The point is at the same time dimensionless and contains infinite dimensions.

The circle consists of an infinite number of points in the same relationship to the central point.

The glyph of the Sun resonates with the ideas of the macrocosm and the microcosm, of spirit concentrating itself into manifestation, and of the aphorism that everything is at the center of its own universe.

The Sun is the source of purpose and power for all things great and small within our solar system.

The Sun is the voice, the face, and the emissary for the Source of all things, of the universe, within the frame of time that we live.

The Sun in the chart of a person, a collective entity such as a nation, or a particular event reveals by its Sign and its House placement the style of expression and the circumstances of how that purpose and power is manifested.

To the degree that choices and actions are in accord to the Sun, more vitality becomes available.

Conversely, when a person, a collective entity such as a nation, or a particular event runs counter to the natural flow of the Sun there is a reduction in the availability of power.

It is the light of the Sun that feeds the life of the Earth.

It is the Sun’s cycles of day and night and the passage of the seasons organizes how life moves through its stations.

The Sun is the purest expression of the power of integration, and as such contains the essence of individuality.

As Aleister Crowley said in The Book of the Law, “Every man and every woman is a star.” The Sun is a star, and in a chart it also shows us how true will and higher will express themselves in the manifest realm.

The Sun is assigned to the sphere of Tiphereth in the Qabala.