Slavic New Life

The biggest holiday in a family’s life was the birth of a baby. But a new Slavic soul would have been just as eagerly awaited by demons. For this reason, red ribbons were tied up by the cradle in order to cast off bad spells and sharp tools were placed under the bed or at the threshold. Thorns or prickly plants were stuffed around window panes along with salt of garlic and a fire was left burning in the room all day long. And in order to trick evil spirits, sometimes it was even pretended that the baby had died.

Right before delivery, women were known to turn to the god Rod and his helpers the Rodzanice, asking them for health for the child. Slavs believed that on the night following the birth three deities appeared that would decide on the baby’s faith by making signs on his forehead, invisible to the human eye. In order to plead with the Rodzanice, special servings of bread, cheese and honey was left for them. Other women from the family were also invited and served groats.