To Protect a Newborn Baby

This spell uses crystals and symbolism. The blue stone is reputed to bring about harmony in relationships and to help its wearer to be true to themselves, and to be able to openly state their opinion. The blue bead or stone used here should preferably of lapis lazuli, which is considered a stone of truth and friendship.


Blue bead or small stone with a hole

Copal or cedar incense

White candle

Bowls of salt and water

Safety pin


✤ Light the candle and the incense.

✤ Pass the bead and then the pin through the candle flame, the smoke, the salt and the water.

✤ Repeat the following as many times as you feel necessary:

Great Mother, I ask protection for [name]

That he/she may not come to harm

From forces of evil on this or any other plane.

✤ Put the bead on the safety pin and say:

Through this gift I thee implore

Keep him/her safe for evermore.

✤ Now pass the bead and safety pin three times through the incense smoke, being aware of the available power to protect the new arrival.

✤ Traditionally, the gift is then pinned safely to the baby’s shawl.

✤ Let the candle burn out.

Since a newborn baby is still so close to Goddess, only the best and highest vibrational incenses and materials are used. Copal incense is one of the purest and most sacred that there is. It is believed to help open the soul and can stimulate imagination, intuition and creativity. Cedar is used to carry prayers to the Goddess. It is used to bridge the gap between heaven and earth and is often associated with breaking misuse of power or powerful forces that may be having a negative influence.