Magical Full Moon Water

Full moon water is a preferred ingredient in potions and teas because it is charged with the natural powers of the Moon. You can reserve it for washing your tools, herbs, and other ingredients, too. For example, I use full moon water in my tea to give it extra power.

Full Moon water is best used for perfecting ideas, working on positive energies, increasing psychic and physical energy, and enhancing creativity.


glass bowl

spring water

clear glass container with a lid


Pour the water in the bowl.

Place the bowl on your windowsill (but on the outer side!) or somewhere in your garden/on your balcony/wherever the Moon can shine upon it.

Now I usually say a short blessing (depends of the spell) and then I leave it until sunrise. You too can leave it overnight (until sunrise) or only for a couple of hours; it really depends on how strong you want your water to be.

The next morning filter the water muslin to remove any stuff you might have found in it.

Transfer the water in a clear glass container, close it with its lid and use the water when needed.


if you wash your hair with the moon water, it will stimulate growth of your hair

new Moon water, on the other hand, is ideal for healing and resting spells

even if the sky is cloudy, the water still absorbs the Moon’s energy (it’s the Moon’s energy we’re collecting, not its light)