Easy To Find Ingredients

Sugar is used primarily as an attracting agent in magic, “sweetening” people to your wishes, whether they be potential lovers or business customers.

– In Practice: Use to sweeten a business and draw in more customers. Sprinkle a little sugar in front of the entrance to work in order to draw people in. Add cinnamon for a boost, as cinnamon is considered extremely lucky.

Mint can be used in your magical practice to make charms work faster, or to better prepare your mind and intentions to be aligned with the intentions of a charm. It can be used in a spray or sprinkle to increase the mental vibrations of a place, so putting it in a school or office is ideal.

– In Practice: Mix a teaspoon of dried mint leaf in a cup of boiling water and let it come to room temperature. Add the cup of water to your hair as a rinse after you wash your hair and rinse it. When you rinse the mint tea out, make sure to scrub your scalp thoroughly. This will stimulate mental activity and remove dullness.

Rosemary got its name from the Latin Rosmarinus meaning “dew of the sea” and is considered to have powerful properties across a wide range of magical traditions, though it’s typically used for protection and cleansing rituals. It can be placed under pillows, in pockets, or secured in infant bedrooms to protect children from negative forces and energy.

– In Practice: Keep a sprig of rosemary by your heart and it will always remain open.

Rosewater is a mild protective agent that can be used as a floor wash to eliminate heavy vibrations, making a home or ritual space more comfortable to live in. It is also known for its use in beauty tonics.

– In Practice: Put six cups of rose petals in a saucepan and add four cups of water then bring to a boil. Let the mixture boil for 10–15 minutes. When it has cooled, pour the mixture through a strainer and into a sealable bottle for use in magic. Though fresh-picked roses and rainwater are ideal, using store-bought roses and clean tap water will also work. You can splash on a little rosewater whenever you are feeling down. It also acts as a magnet for loving vibes.

Garlic – The same healing properties that it has in medicine are useful in magic to remove negativity, and to purify thoughts and places.

– In Practice: A quick and easy use for garlic is to burn the skins on a fire or on charcoal in order to keep money in your home. For a spell to eliminate negativity, add cloves of garlic to a bowl of vinegar. Leave overnight. If the garlic has turned dark purple or black, that means there was a lot of negative energy and you should do again with fresh garlic and vinegar for one more night. If it looks fine, then you do not have to redo it. Flush the vinegar an garlic cloves down toilet to dispose of them.

Sage is an herb of wisdom and healing and can be used in a variety of forms for magical practice. A simple tea made with a teaspoon of sage and a cup of boiling water can be added to a bath in order to destroy illusions and to resolve problems. It can also be added to a charm bag to make your expectations about a charm or spell to be more realistic.

– In Practice: Cleanse the house with bundled sage and it will feel lighter, this gets rid of negative energy that has accumulated. You can also do this to yourself to give you a little clear out from a hectic day. sage is available at some magic retailers and craft supply stories. But if you cannot find it bundled, you can dry the sage sprigs yourself. They should be about six inches in length and completely dried when you bundled them with twine. For more complete instructions, you can visit this page for making small basic bundles.

Sandalwood is a very popular incense scent that is often sold as incense sticks. Sandalwood is believed to have protective properties and is used most often in spells and charms meant to banish negative forces in your life.

– In Practice: When you are feeling blocked, braid three ribbons together, representing three things you feel blocked about. You can write them on the ribbon before you braid. Put the braid in your pocket and carry it with you for a full day to get your energy on it. Light some sandalwood incense and as you take in the scent, take out the braid and start undoing it. Really focus on the intention of these obstacles becoming uncrossed. When finished, take the ribbons to a crossroads or intersection and dispose of them. Leave three pennies for the spirits that open the roads as well.

Basil is a multipurpose herb with many potential uses in magic, and for bringing good fortune in money and in love. It is also known for its cleansing and lightening properties.

– In Practice: Basil can be used for money, prosperity, and love workings. Steep like you would tea and then mop the floors with it or sprinkle a little on the floor and sweep it up.

Ginger is used to make spells come into fruition faster, as well as enhancing the spell. It is also used to enhance passion in relationships.

– In Practice: Adding ginger to food can bring more passion to a relationship.