Kitchen Witch: Celery

Planet: Mercury
Element: Fire

Energies: Sex, peace, psychic awareness, weight loss


Roman women ate celery to increase their sexual appetites.

Magical uses:

This plant’s aphrodisiac powers have long been celebrated. Celery soup was one of Madame de Pompadour’s favourite dishes for this purpose. Curiously, heated celery seems to emit a type of pheromone, the chemical sex-attractant naturally secreted by humans and animals. This could be why celery has been favoured for this use for 2,000 years.

If you make celery soup, cook it with visualization. Such sex-stimulating foods are, of course, only effective if you eat them. They will have little or no effect when served to others.

With a different visualization, eating fresh or cooked celery is soothing and brings peace.

Add celery seed (as a seasoning) to foods to strengthen psychic awareness.

Celery is also a part of weight-loss plans.