Kitchen Witch: Buckwheat

(Fagopyrum esculentum)

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Earth

Energies: Money


Buckwheat pancakes are common enough in the United States, but few seem to know the magical history behind buckwheat itself. In Japan, this grain is used to make soba—buckwheat noodles. These are eaten on the Japanese New Year for “money luck,” i.e., the ability to amass large amounts of money in the coming year.

Buckwheat noodles are also served on other festive occasions. Upon moving into a new home, the owners may give soba to the neighbours on each side and to the three houses across the road. This is a gift of good fortune and friendship.

Japanese goldsmiths have long used buckwheat dough to collect gold dust in their shops. This ageless practice has firmly connected soba with the promise of riches.

Magical uses:

Because all grains are connected with abundance in one form or another (fertility, money, life), eat buckwheat pancakes to attract this energy. For even more money power, pour on a bit of maple syrup.