A Solitary Sunrise Ritual for Success and Prosperity

Timing: Work this solitary ritual on a Sunday at sunrise.

Supplies: a yellow or gold votive candle

a straight pin or boline (for inscribing the candle)

a votive candle holder

a plain, small plate or saucer

magnetic golden sand

matches or a lighter

the Sun and Strength cards from your tarot deck

fresh solar flowers such as sunflowers, yellow carnations, marigolds, and

fresh oak leaves

a vase filled with fresh water

crystals such as tiger’s-eye, citrine, and yellow jasper

a small towel

a safe, flat surface

Directions: This spell has specific timing and instructions to help raise your personal magickal energy. Set up your work area so you face the east and the rising sun about a half-hour before sunrise. Outdoors is best, but in a pinch use an eastern-facing window indoors. As the sun breaks the horizon, raise your arms to it and drink in the light.

There is magick to be tapped into at the birth of a new day. Soak up some solar energy for a few minutes and get ready to direct this energy into your spellwork.

When you feel you are ready, place the votive candle holder in the center of the small plate. Pour a thin circle of golden magnetic sand on the saucer, around the outside of the candleholder. Wipe your hands clean of the sand.

Arrange the rest of the spell’s components on your altar in a way you find pleasing. Keep the tarot cards and the flowers well away from the candle.

Next, inscribe and empower your candle with the pin or your boline with the astrological symbol of the sun: . Center yourself and shift your mood to a positive and upbeat one. Empower the spell candle by holding the inscribed candle in your hands and up so the rising sun shines upon it, then repeating the candle empowerment verse:

”As I hold this prosperity candle in my hands

I empower it to send magick across the land.

Now burn with purpose, your flame strong, bright, and true

I will be successful in all that I do.”

Set the inscribed and empowered candle in its holder and then light the candle. Repeat the following ritual verse with intention and purpose.

”At first light on the sun’s own day, this sunrise spell begins

As the light grows, my candles burn and magick starts to spin.

Flowers and stones of the sun, lend your powers now to me

Blending together toward my goals in strength and harmony.

Golden magnetic sand attracts success to all I say and do

Tarot cards will aid my focus and make my magick strong and true.

Now combine and ripple out, create change for all the world to see

This golden light blesses me now with success, wealth, and energy.”

Allow the candle to burn in a safe place until it goes out on its own. Once the candle is spent, you may return the tarot cards to the deck. Pocket the stones for a few days to keep that solar energy going. The flowers you may keep in a place of prominence until they begin to fade, then return them

neatly to nature by putting them in with your yard waste to be recycled or adding them to your compost pile.