Incense Ritual

This is a very simple ritual that can be performed any time,
anywhere. You can use it daily, or whenever you feel the
need for it. The ritual grows more powerful as it is repeated.
It draws positive energies to you, protects you from evil and
danger, and helps with centering and balancing. You will
a stick of incense, in any scent that appeals to you
The Ritual
Light the incense. Be mindful of fire safety when performing
this ritual, and watch out for falling sparks. With a sweeping
gesture, inscribe in the air as you declare,
With this incense,
I draw all that is fair!
Then inscribe a downward-pointing star in the same manner,
as you declare,
With this incense,
I banish all that is negative!
If you find it difficult to draw stars in the air, you can instead
swirl the incense deosil the first time and widdershins the
second time. When you finish, put the incense into a holder,
and allow it to burn down completely.
This ritual can be adapted in many ways. If you like, you can
face each of the cardinal points in turn, starting with East or
North, and repeat it. You could also move through your
residence (or hotel room, or wherever you happen to be) and
repeat the ritual at every window and door, or repeat it
wherever you feel would be a good place to perform it. If
you have a particular thought, special wish, or issue, you
can include it—with the invoking star or the banishing one,
as the case may be.