The Dark or New Moon is frequently the subject of heated debate among
magical practitioners. So much so, in fact, that there are only three things that
practitioners seem to agree upon when it comes to this phase: 1. It occurs during
the period between the Waning and Waxing phases.
2. It belongs to the Crone.
3. Even though the Moon isn’t visible in the sky, She’s still there bathing us with
Her energy.
Because of this, the magical practices associated with this phase are as varied
and diverse as the practitioners themselves. Many folks, for example, use this
phase to rest and relax, regroup and regenerate. Others find this energy
extremely useful for delving into past lives, divinatory efforts, magical study,
and meditation. A personal favorite for Dark Moon energy, though, is truth
discovery. Nothing surpasses its energy for getting to the heart of things and
seeing them for exactly what they are.
Still others divide this phase into two parts: New Moon energy and
Crescent Moon energy. New Moon energy is afoot from the first day of the Dark
Moon to three and a half days after, and is said to be excellent for efforts
involving self-improvement, gardening, employment solutions, and health.
Crescent Moon energy picks up the slack after that, and is said to continue from
the three and a half day mark through the seventh day after the Dark Moon. And
those who work with its energy usually harness it for efforts that involve
business dealings, animals, feminine strength, a leveling of emotions, or projects
that necessitate change of some sort.
While I certainly don’t discount the strength of these two energies, or the
fact that they work well for the efforts described, I do have to admit that I have a
problem with the mathematical figures from which these phases are derived. For
one thing, the practitioner would have to consistently check an ephemeris to
determine the exact time of the Dark Moon in order to calculate the first three
and a half day period with any sort of precision. For another, the Crescent Moon
usually isn’t even visible in the sky until about five to six days after the Dark
Moon. This, of course, means that the Moon is not yet even a sliver during the
first couple of days of calculated Crescent Moon energy; thus, it is not a crescent
at all. Most important, though, is this: If the Moon is visible in the sky after the
Dark Moon, even a bit, it is growing or waxing, and the Waxing Moon does not
belong to the Crone or Her energy. Rather, it is ruled by the Light Maiden.