Negativity/Hex Removal Bath

Sometimes we feel like we’re carrying around some excess negativity, bad luck or even possibly hexes. First thing to do is to assess why and how you feel that this negativity is weighing on you! For example… you could be cursing yourself! If you decide that you need to do something to spiritually remove it, this is a simple yet effective negativity/hex removal bath ritual that you can do:

Cleanse the space.
Before your bath, you’ll want to cleanse the area. If you can’t or don’t want to use incense or burning herbs that will smoke up your bathroom, there are alternative methods. You can cleanse the space with sound (ringing bells or singing bowls) or with specially made cleansing room sprays.

Optional step: set up your bathroom/around your tub with any candles, crystals, plants, statues. You can bring in any items that you want to help support your ritual. Start drawing your bath at your preferred temperature and add in:

Sea salt
Epsom salt
Bay leaves
Optional: Additional protection herbs, such as sage or rosemary
Before getting in, stir the water counter-clockwise and recite aloud or mentally repeat an incantation 3 times. Such as: “Healing waters, salt of sea, remove this negativity.”

When you get into the bath, visualize and/or physically feel the water drawing out the negative energy. Feel it seeping out of your body.

When you feel no more negativity can be drawn out, you are done. Thank the water for helping remove the negativity. Strain the leaves/herbs out (so they don’t get clog up your drain) and drain the water. Quickly rinse off the bath water in the shower or with fresh water from the faucet.

Right after your negativity/hex removal bath, you might feel a little drained of energy afterward. Do do some vibration-raising activities. Watch a show or listen to music that makes you feel happy. Sit down and sip a glass of water and maybe eat a light snack too.