Quick Grounding Techniques For The Busy Empath

As empaths and sensitives it’s very important for us to stay grounded. Many of us lead very busy lives and don’t always have time to meditate for a certain amount of time each day, cleanse our chakras, or participate in other activities that can take a bit of time to help ground our self. 1. Walk barefoot – One of the quickest ways to ground is to connect your tootsies right up to Mother Earth. Even if you just take 5 minutes on your lunch break to wiggle your toes in the grass you will be amazed at how much it will help. smile emoticon   2. Drink water – Water is naturally grounding for all of us. One of the biggest things I do is carry a water bottle with me always. Just drinking it helps me to remain grounded. You can add the visualization of the water cooling your core as you drink it.   3. Wash Your Hands – Each time you wash your hands, envision that water washing any negativity out of your body and right down the drain. You can do this in your morning shower as well or your evening bath. Let the water wash that negativity away.   4. Breathe – Such a basic skill but so often overlooked. Breathe in positive energy, breathe out negative energy. Easy right?   5. Sunshine – Let the SunLord bathe you in his loving positive energy. Even a couple minutes will help.   6. Dance In The Rain – You get extra points for splashing in the puddles barefoot smile emoticon Why do we stay inside when it rains? Unless it’s freezing get out there! You’re washable   7. Tabletop fountains – Water is naturally grounding if you can put tabletop fountains around you would be amazed how much they can help.   8. Incense – I will run lavender in my home when I need extra grounding. White Sage works for me as well. Experiment with scents, there may be others that appeal to you and provide that instant calm. Oh! I also love the Clean Cotton smell from Yankee Candle! smile emoticon   9. Affirmations – Tell yourself to ground. “Negative Energy Be Gone.” Say it like ya mean it smile emoticon You’d be amazed how quickly it works. You are in control so take it.   10. Gemstones – Charge a gemstone to keep on you to help with grounding. Obsidian is an excellent choice, hematite, or charge a smoky quartz or plain quartz crystal.   These are just a few of the many many ways. Bottom line is you are in control and you know what makes you tick best. Find those things that can calm you instantly and work well with you and start using them. Yes it may take you an extra 10 seconds here and there but it will save you several minutes on anything you are doing if you are calm. Ever notice how much faster things roll when you’re calm? smile emoticon