Funeral Herbs

Since ancient times herbs have played a part in funerals. They’ve been used to
scent graves and cremation fires, to fill amulet bags and in making wreaths to
decorate burial places.

BASIL: Protection, Love
BAY LAUREL: – Communication with the dead, protection, triumph, used in
funeral wreaths.
BIRCH: Rebirth.
CEDAR: Prosperity, Purification.
COMFREY: Healing.
CYPRESS: Endings.
ELDER: Transformation
FRANKINCENSE: Purification, Spiritual Transformation.
GARLIC: Protection.
HOLLY: Renewal, Resurrection.
IVY: Rebirth, Celebration.
LAVENDER: Memories, Peace.
LEMON BALM: – Immortality, happiness; used in a tea for emotional cleansing
and uplifting.
LILY: Resurrection.
MINT: Joy, a stewing herb.
MISTLETOE: Protection.
MUGWORT: Inner Sight
MULLEN: Cleansing.
MYRRH: Healing, Purification, Protection, Used in Mummifying.
OAK: Strength.
PARSLEY: – Good luck in here after; decorating tombs.
PERIWINKLE: Immortality, ” Flower of the Dead, ” Placed on graves.
POPPY: Restfulness.
ROSEMARY: – Friendship, purification, happiness; thrown into graves ” for
remembrance, ” burned as incense, sprigs carried in funeral
ROSES: Love Purification.
RUE: Karmic Completion.
SAGE: Wisdom, Purification.
SANDALWOOD: Purification.
THYME: Purification.
WILLOW: Releases, Cleansing.
WORMWOOD: Transformation.
YARROW: Protection, Healing.
YEW: Immortality, endings; once planted in graveyards to protect bodies of the