Deities for Protection

Anubis (Egyptian) : The jackal headed god. Anubis is the gatekeeper to the underworld a protector and a guardian. Anubis can walk with you during challenging magickal situations. He can help to remove fear so you can find the courage to do what needs to be done. Colors: Green and Black. Crystals and stones: malachite and nebula. herb: Myrrh

Artemis (Greek) The maiden Goddess of the crescent moon and the hunt, Artemis leads the hunt with her wild women. Artemis can teach you to be brave and courageous no matter what gets thrown your way. She is known for acting quickly and decisively to protect and rescue those who call on her for aid. She is swift to punish offenders, even though she detests violence itself. She is a protector of women in childbirth and of mothers and their children. Colors: Silver and white Metal: Silver

Crystals and stones: Moonstone labradorite and selenite. Herb: mugwort also known as Artemisia.

Hecate (Greco-Roman): The triple-faced torch-bearing goddess of the crossroads. A deity of choices endings and beginnings hecate is called the phantom Queen and is a patroness and protector of witches. She may appear as a beautiful young woman, an attractive matron or a wise old crone. Hecate is a powerful and no nonsense deity to work protection magick with. While she has always been associated with darker magick and curses she is also incredible for calling upon her assistance in turning back and stopping baneful magick. You can always tell when Hecate is near, as dogs will begin to howl and the wind will blow. Colors blocak green and silver. Crystals and stones; snowflake obsidian and onyx. Herbs: lavender and willow.

Horus (Egyptian) The falcon headed son of Isis and Osirus. Horus is associated with both the sky and the sun. he is the patron of matters of law and justice. naturally the falcon is linked with this deity. he is a powerhouse of warrior god type energy. Horus is the protector of Egypt and his symbol, the Eye of Horus, is a classic protective symbol. Colors; Gold and white. crystals and stones fire opal, citrine and sunstone. herb Sunflower.

Isis (Egyptian) The supreme Egyptian Mother Goddess, isis is a winged high priestess of magick and enchantment. her area of expertise is magick and she is very protective of her devotees. Her other specialties include magick for marriage family divination and protection. The cow is her sacred animal and one of her magickal symbols is the full moon. Isis is typically depicted with a throne on top of her head which is her hieroglyph. Colors white and deep blue. Crystals and stones: Red chalcedony, lapiz lazuli and azurite. herbs water lily and lotus.

Kali (Hindu) The “Great Protector” And champion of women in peril. Call on kali if you are in physical danger and she will come to assist you. over the years I have heard many stories about women who called on Kali when they were in danger and each time something amazing happened. I must caution you to invoke her only in extreme situations. kali isn’t the one to call on if you’re feeling pissy or just having a bad day. She is a force of nature and is called ” The Destroyer” keep that firmly in mind. Colors black and red. Crystals and stones jet and garnet.

Lilith ( Sumerian) the divine lady owl and ultimate femme fatale. Lility is often thought of as a beautiful vampire. She is seductive powerful and dangerous but if you need help fending off unwanted psychic vampires she’s just the deity to call on. the screech owl is her sacred animal . Colors Red and black. Crystals and stones: carnelian and obsidian. herb: Deep Red thorny roses.

The Morrigan (Celtic) The morrigan is intense. This is a goddess of bloodlust, revenge and prophecy, and she reigns over the battlefield. She is a ferocious vengeful frightening challenging goddess but in the best possible way. She will challenge both you and your fears and any preconceived notions you may hold of her. She is a berserker’s rage the washer at teh ford and the Bean Sidhe all rolled into one. Ravens and crows are her sacred birds and remember these are carrion eaters not just witchy black birds. The Morrigan will test you constantly and she demands both a healthy amount of fear and respect. Crystals and stones : blood stone and garnet.

Nepthys (Egyptian) The green eyed dark sister of Isis, Nepthys is called the Revealer and she can help you discover what would remain hidden. Nepthys is excellent for darker magick general protection and psychic self defense. She can show you your shadow side and teach you how to accept yourself as you truly are. Nepthys is best called during a waning moon and her energy is siilar to Isis just a bit darker and more intense. Nepthys is always depicted with a basket on a stand on top of her head. Color: Midnight blue. Crystals and stones sugilite and blue goldstone. Herb: Lotus

Sehkmet (Egyptian) Sekhmet is the lion headed goddess associated with Upper Egypt. She was called ” The terrible one,” ” She who is Powerful” and the “Eye of Ra” while she was in her protector form. A mighty solar goddess of fire power destruction and war her breath created the desert. She is an extremely protective deity and an excellent goddess to call upon if you feel you are under psychic attack Sekhmet will come roaring to your aid so long as your respectful of her power. Colors: red and black. Crystals and stones : red or borwn tiger’s eye.

Shiva(hindu) The lord of sweeping change. Call on Shiva if you need change to come right away. He will dance into your life and clear things out quickly. Just be sure to be very specific with what your magickal goals are and what you actually need removed from your life. Symbols for Shiva include the crescent moon and the trident. Colors Red and white Stone: Shiva Lingam.

Thor( Norse) The everyman’s god. thor is a great warrior and is thought to admire acts of bravery and courage. Thor likes a good fight and is always happy to lend his aid to people who genuinely loves his people. Thursday is named after him it is literally Thor’s day. the lightning bolt and the hammer are his symbols. Colors: silver, red and yellow. Crystals and stones, granite quartz and slate.

Zeus(Greek) The leader of the Olympians and a storm bringer, Zeus is a powerhouse of energy and magick. he can grant wisdom and cunning, and protection if you approach him respectfully and honestly. His symbols are the lightning bolt and the eagle. Colors: white and gold. Metal gold. Crystal : amber as it is known to hold a

n electrical charge.