Gypsy Love Potion

According to Gypsy lore, this is guaranteed to make the one you desire fall head over heels in love with you. To make the potion you will need one ripe apple, several rose petals, and a sweet red wine. In a white porcelain bowl, crush the apple and rose petals until they are pulp. Drain the juice into a glass or bottle. Fill a glass with the wine and add the apple-rose mixture to it. Stir the mixture with the third finger of your left hand three times. As you do this, speak the words of love you feel into the mixture.

Next, take a new wine glass and inscribe the following symbol on the bottom of it.( bottom line third from left). Pour the mixture into the wine glass and serve to the one you desire. When your desired one drinks the wine, he or she will fall immediately under your spell.