A Witch’s God

The witch’s God has been denied!

In His many masks He has been debased, despised, and relegated to a power of evil by a subjective regime that reviles passion and individuality.

You see, our God’s presence in earlier cultures were such a threat to the wiles of the church, simply because of His potency, that they had to formulate their devil in His likeness in an attempt to staunch His influence and deride His people.

He is the Lord of the Dance, and His ways are wild and bountiful.

He is Lord of the Hunt; King Stag; the Green Man, Lord of the Forests; King of the Land, and Lord of the Underworld; Warrior, Enchanter, and Wild Thing-not concepts of God that the missionaries of the church wished to see revered in the hearts of the people they sought to convert and conquer!

To different cultures, He was known as the bull, the stag, the lion, the bear, the eagle, and the ram.

He is named Dionysis, Osiris, Dumuzi, Heme, Apollo, Cu Chulainn, Aengus Og, Yeheshuah, Baphomet, Cernunnos, Llugh, Lucifer, Zeus, Baal, Shamash, Shaitan, Odin, Thor, and Pan.

He is Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, Gwydion, Galahad, and most definitely, Robin Hood! Many of the planets are allotted one of His many names.

Most of the days of the week are named for Him.

He is known as the Lord of Life and the Lord of Death is both the good guy and the bad guy, defender, and destroyer.

What is life but all these things? Even in Christian legends, Jesus is known as “first star of the evening.” Lucifer is considered the Morning Star; but that’s Venus! It’s all one light! Venus is also the Goddess, whether as Stellar Mans or Mari Lucifer.

As Dion Fortune wrote, “All Gods are one God, all Goddesses are one Goddess and there is but one initiator.” So, it is so.

He is the consort, brother, son, ally, and enemy of women, and He is the archetype of all men.

Sometimes I figure that’s why so many seem so lost-it is powerful for the spirit to recognize oneself in the archetype of the divine.

The images presented to humanity by monotheists can never be identified with the ever sorrowful, lustless mother/virgin, the ever-meek, ever-so-perfect, sacrificial lamb, despite that, at the source, these two are Goddess and God!