Blessing and Consecration for Found Bones (or Other Natural Material)

For this rite, you need salt and water, burning incense, a candle, and a clean white cloth. The incense should be woodsy-smelling, and the candle should be red or orange (colors of life) or black (for reunion with the Mother in the tomb/womb), as you see fit; the cloth can be an altar cloth or a towel, if that’s more appropriate. You can lay the cloth on your altar, on another table, or on the floor or ground. The space where you do this should be clear of clutter. You don’t need to cast a formal Circle, but you should be facing North as you perform the rite. Arrange the natural items to be blessed and consecrated on the cloth. Around them, set the salt at North, the water at West, the incense at East, and the candle at South. (Mind your sleeves and hair as you lean over the candle!) As you would before casting a Circle, prepare the salt and water; light the incense and the candle. Meditate on the items that are before you, letting the incense remind you of the items’ habitats and thinking about the items as they were in life. When you are centered and grounded, hold your hands, palms down, over the items before you. Say this (or something similar to it):

”You, bones of wild things once alive,

I set your spirit(s) free to thrive.

Begone all pain, begone all fright,

and all abuse be set aright.

Blessed be; hallowed remain,

to serve untainted: I so ordain.”