Respecting Nature and Energies

The primary thought of the vast majority of Pagans and Witches is that we should respect nature and all its offerings. There may always be exceptions to this rule but they are probably few and far between if not completely non-existent. Respecting nature possibly means not taking more than you need as well as trying to make a recompense for what you have taken. So for example, if you have a Basil plant in your kitchen or garden and you remove leaves of the plant to eat, you leave that plant in a state where it will grow new leaves. Taking only what you need may involve not only living in the modern world but also in balance with the planet.

Many witches tend to shop second hand and make at least some of the things they use as well as recycling when they can, thus meaning they will tread lightly where they can.

It’s not just that there is a respect for nature, many witches see themselves reflected by the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit. Whilst these elements are all around us in nature they are also within us: Air is our thought, Fire is our passion and enthusiasm, Water is our emotions, Earth our bodies and Spirit our inner selves. These are the energies many of us harness in working magic and in order for this magic to be effective it may be wise to find some form of balance between them. These elements all have a reflection on daily life and for every project to work it needs to have its reflection on daily life. For these projects to work it may be best for them to have there phases of thought, enthusiasm, emotional involvement, formations as well as being imbued with its own spirit.