Deities Of Marriage

These deities can be invoked in rituals concerning the family and the home.


Frigg was the Viking Mother Goddess whose jewelled spinning wheel formed Orion’s belt; as
patroness of marriage, women, mothers and families, she can be invoked for all rituals concerned with
families and domestic happiness. She invited devoted husbands and wives to her hall after death so
that they might never be parted again and so is goddess of fidelity.
As Ostara, goddess of spring, she was known among the Anglo-Saxons and is remembered in the
festival of Easter as a fertility goddess and bringer of new beginnings.
In her role as Valfreya, the Lady of the Battlefield, Frigg recalls the Northern tradition of warrior
goddesses and offers courage to women.


Hera, the wife-sister of Zeus, is a the supreme Greek goddess of protection, marriage and childbirth
whose sacred bird is the peacock. She is a powerful deity of fidelity and is called upon by women
seeking revenge upon unfaithful partners.