Black Cat Protection Spell

A good spell to ward off the evil intentions of another, block a psychic attack, or turn your luck around.

Items needed:

One black cat candle,

Black cat oil (composed of patchouli and frankincense),

A mirror.

On the night of the waxing moon, as close to midnight as possible, begin the spell.

On your altar or a small table, place the mirror reflecting side up.

Dress the black cat candle with the black cat oil.

As you do this, visualize your luck changing and good things coming to you.

Next, place the cat candle on the mirror and light it as you chant the following:

Black cat power From this hour Reflect the light Make things right.

Allow the black cat candle to burn for one hour.

Repeat this spell every night, at the same time, until the full moon.

On the night of the full moon, place the mirror with the black cat on it in the moonlight.

Repeat the chant, and allow the candle to burn out.

When the candle has been consumed, discard any wax left and put the mirror away.