Questions to ask yourself before making a Curse or Hex

A majority of people strive to be good people in general no matter what. But everyone reacts differently and according to their own personal ethics , no one needs a religion of rules on how to behave and how to act ect .Live by your own set of ethics and rules , as some people can only be pushed so far . I honestly think it depends on the situation and people involved and how serious the situation may be .I personally think somethings are worth a curse serious stuff tho not dumb shit and these things clearly need to be thought out before doing , in no special order . 1,) is it worth my time ?

2.) is it worth my energy ?

3.) have i thought out of all possible outcomes ?

4,) am i willing to accept all possible outcomes ? including death as intended harm can range from mere annoyance and psychological stress to physical illness and suffering, to even death

5.) do you know WTF you are doing ? <<< that’s an important one

6.) Do their actions warrant a curse or hex ? Do they absolutely deserved a curse or hex ? why you want to take revenge / is it nothing you can’t take care of mundanely ? in which including a spell or curse takes time and effort , and up keeping plus mundane actions .

7.) think clearly and rational on why you are doing this . not in a moment of anger .anger is good for a curses working , but only after it has been well thought out with a level headed mind .

8.) can you physically and mentally accept the worst outcome ? and the after effects .?

9.) can you not forgiving and moving on with your life ? is seeking vengeance more important instead of moving on, can you not be bettering your life instead of wasting time on revenge ?

10.) is my curse above and beyond the appropriate level? Id it well written and to the point with no other leeways.

11.) Thoroughly consider the appropriate level of curse

12.) If there is absolutely any doubt in your mind as to whether the person deserves the curse or hex Then do not do it. 13) do a realistic assessment of your magical fighting skills, experience & training.

14) understand your own strengths & vulnerabilities

15 ) understand your opponents Strengths & vulnerabilities.

16) recognize you maybe fighting against someone who is much more magically capable or who fights at a completely different level then merely just curses/hexes..

there might be a few more but can’t think of them at the moment but others are also welcomed to add to this list and when cursing or hexing make sure you surround yourself with some proper protections.