Silver Magick

Silver is a color that both illuminates and reflects. Use it today to help you reflect on an issue or let it illuminate your way … perhaps down a new path; it is the beginning of a new week after all. Its cleansing attributes give aid in releasing blockage, whether mental, physical or emotional, so new doors can be opened, lighting the way forward.

It is a considered a feminine color that helps to restore equilibrium and stability to spiritual energy by clearing negativity and bringing peace. There is a soothing energy about silver giving it the power to help with mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Silver also helps with good communication, plus enhances intuition and psychic abilities. It’s reflective qualities help us to see ourselves as others perceive us and helps us to gain better self perspective.

This shiny version of grey, relates to the moon and all her glorious feminine mysteries and power. Because of its reflection properties, silver helps you to see yourself as others do. Some consider it the “mirror of the soul” and can guide us when there is a need to reflect on our lives.

Silver is restorative, helping to bring balance and harmony to the day, especially to your spiritual energy. It helps to cleanse our spirit, clearing negativity, helping us to achieve peace within ourselves, guiding us to reach a better understanding of any situation. If a change in direction for your life needed, silver can aid in reflection and illumination of the right direction needed.