Cleansing and Charging Crystals

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It is important to keep your crystals in good condition for magick practice. Here is a guide with several ways to cleanse and charge your crystals. With Salt ~Burying a crystal in a bowl of salt, sprinkling salt around it, or sometimes soaking it in saltwater are all good ways to cleanse a crystal. Salt has natural cleansing powers and will soak up negative energy. Consider the magickal properties of salt. It’s a purifier, a cleanser, and a protector. Use it to strengthen protective, purifying, or cleansing stones. As with all methods of charging, focus on what you would like the purpose of your crystal to be. Charge your crystal with that intent.With Water ~Be careful when it comes to cleansing crystals with water, as some cannot withstand the liquid very well, but water does have cleansing properties. Consider the element Water. It is healing, emotional, loving, and gentle, and it is traditionally used as a cleanser in religious ceremonies. By soaking a stone in a bowl of water, you are washing out any negative energies. Soaking stones in saltwater is a favourite cleansing method of mine. Now, here is a list of stones you should NEVER put in water: Borates Calcite Ivory Gypsum Lapis Lazuli Pyrite Obsidian Selenite Turquoise These stones will dissolve in water.With Fire ~Here is a simple and fast spell I concocted that I found cleanses and charges crystals very quickly. Light a preferred candle. Hold your crystal above the flame, flip it over in your palm above the candle, and recite: “Fire, fire burning bright Charge this crystal with your light Fire, fire, burning bright Make it strong

with all your might.” Leave the crystal beside the candle to charge for as long as you see fit. When you are done, snuff the candle out.With Sunlight ~One of the most basic ways to charge your crystals is with sunlight. Sunlight is fiery, energetic, more masculine, and more yang. When a crystal is charging in the sun, it is imbued with the sun’s energy. This can come in handy for money spells, job spells, energy spells, and any type of spell that requires more yang energy. To charge a crystal with sunlight, simply lay it out on the window sill or someplace where it will get a good bit of sunlight, and allow itto bask there for the remainder of the day. When the sun goes down, it is done and ready to be used again. Now, here is a list of crystals you should NOT charge in the sunlight: Amber Amethyst Aquamarine Aventurine Beryl Citrine Fluorite Kunzite Opal RoseQuartz Sapphire Smokey Quartz Sunlight can fade these crystals over time and causes opal and amber to crack and become brittle.With Moonlight ~Another popular method of charging crystals is with moonlight. This is a good alternative for charging a crystal that can’t withstand the sun. The moon’s energy is calming, soothing, emotional, feminine, healing, and more yin. Moonlight is great for crystals that have to do with matters of the heart. Also take into consideration the phase of the moon when charging a crystal. Is it full? Is it waning? Is it new? Charging a crystal under a certain phase of the moon with imbue the crystal with that phase’s energy. For more on phases of the moon, follow the link: Moon Phases To charge a crystal with moonlight, simply leave it out in the light of the moon for a night.

With Earth ~Some witches recommend burying a crystal for a day or even a week at a time. This works especially well for earth-related crystals such as garnet. Remember that it was the earth that formed and energized these crystals in the first place, so what better way to charge a crystal than to return it back to the earth from whence it came?With a Grid ~Some stones are cleansers and chargers themselves. Selenite and obsidian are some good examples. By placing other crystals that need charging around naturally charging stones, it creates a grid. Leave these stones in place for about twenty-four hours or until the energy has returned to them. Lots of people have fun creating pretty designs with these crystalgrids, so get creative and have fun with them!With Herbs ~Adding herbs to the mix will help further strengthen and direct a crystal’s purpose. For example, placing lavender in a grid with amethyst will aid it in its purpose to calm. You can also place herbs in water if you choose to use the water method for charging crystals, or, even better, create rosewater or lavender water to use. In essence, charge whatever stone in the way you feel is best. Many witches develop a preferred method for charging their crystals, and that is fine. Find whatever method works best for you .Blessings upon