Winter Solstice & New Moon Energy! December 21st

Today is a good day for reflection, for tomorrow brings more light and you too will be brought to increased light, and all the things you carry will be revealed clearly in the light of day. You may have recently experienced an awareness for something you wish to release from your consciousness, for this is the time to be aware of such things, for awareness is the path to expanded consciousness, and ultimately, to awakening. Embrace the aspects of your shadow that you may discover, and gently heal and release them from your being. With awareness, you can guide your vibration, thoughts, and conversation back into alignment with the highest intentions you hold for yourself and the new year ahead. All is well, reflect today, release those things you wish to release, and step forward into the increasing light of tomorrow, owning proudly all that you are. This is the darkest day of the year, your Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is no coincidence that it is also the darkest night as the New Moon will not reflect the Sun tonight. The light comes from within you, and tomorrow more will begin to shine – reflecting to you that which you hold. Think of the cave, of drawing within and cleansing the deepest darkest parts of yourself, accepting whatever it is you find there, with appreciation for this awareness. Take the torch of illumination with you, shining it into all the corners. Your consciousness awakens more fully in awareness and acceptance. Release, cleanse, and move forward tomorrow lighter and freer. Do not fear your own cave, for it is part of you – and you are a being of radiant light. Take your light into your cave in the spirit of discovery – as you might enter the attic of your house after many years of neglect – in an effort to discover, to cleanse, and to clear it, to increase the spaciousness of it. In this newly created space, light can enter, light can grow! Brighter experiences and manifestations can come, and best of all – you will feel brighter and clearer for it. Your intentions will be higher, your vibration lighter, your life happier.So today, pause to meditate and investigate to allow this process of revelation. Awareness is the first step to release. Cleanse your caves with compassion and love and eagerness for what the new light will reveal. From this clearing, you can feel the light begin to increase, and from here you may best plant the seeds of desire for this coming year. There is an expansive, transformative energy to this day. Embrace it and it will serve you well.I wish you well. I wish you new spaciousness and lightness, I wish you increasing joy and abundance, and most of all I wish for you to truly feel the radiant LOVE, strength & power all about you. I’m here with you, in the dark and the light. Many Blessings for this wonderful time of New Moon Solstice energy and New Year intentions!