Problems with the Climate

Are you troubled about traipsing through the chill of the night? Do you get singed in the sun or think an icy downpour is a downer?

Witchcarft is a spiritual tradition that includes many practices that bring the practitioner into direct contact with nature.

It seeks to harmonize the Witch with life as it is happening in this very moment.

To be a person of magical power, one embraces the entire array of life’s experiences.

When Witches routinely make space in their lives for nature, for life, in the right-here-and-now, it gradually strips away accumulated layers of social, emotional, and psychological conditioning.

It frees up the mind, heart, and spirit. It places the practitioner into direct accord with life, nature, and the direct current of spiritual power.

Can you face each moment of life unflinchingly—despite the rain, sleet, or hail?

Not everyone can go outside no matter the weather conditions.

There are always exceptions and accommodations to be made.

If your health will be jeopardized by venturing out of doors into inclement weather, by all means, try the following alternative exercise:

Fill a tray or empty pot with potting soil and rub your hands through it.

Bring a handful to your nose and inhale the earth’s rich perfume.