You can purchase or make your own set of runes for divination. To make your
own, you need a set of 25 objects. These may be painted runes on pebbles, wood, tile
squares, or engraved on crystals or metal. The stones are the easiest.
Keep your runes inside a cloth bag, and consecrate them to your use as you would
with any other tool. (Described in the Full Moon Esbat ceremony notes) When you’re
not using them, store the bag inside a box or drawer, so they cannot pick up too much
outside energy. Allowing other people to handle your runes can affect them, so it’s best
to keep them to yourself.
To use the runes with someone else, have them hold the *bag of runes* while
focusing on their query. Then you take the bag from them and draw out the runes, to lay
out in a spread for reading. The other person only handles the bag, not the runes

Runes, Name of Rune, Meaning of the Rune, additional interpretations
● Mannuz= self: self improvement, cooperation, moderation
● Gefu= Gifts/Partnership: union, settlements, equity, gifts
● As= Wisdom/Signals: occult power, healing, awareness
● Ethel= Possessions/Home: heritage, benefits, new path, gains
● Uruz= Strength: health, promotion, changes, passage
● Perth= Destiny: opportunity, good fortune, secrets revealed
● Nyo= Constraint/Patience: self-control, obstacles overcome
● Ing= Fertility: potential, goals achievable, completion
● Eoh= Channel/Defense: energy motion, psychic communication
● Elhaz= Protection/Friendship: aspirations, optimism, aid
● Feoh= Prosperity: fulfillment, satisfaction, wealth
● Wyn= Joy/Comfort: harmony, success, well-being
● Gera= Harvest: tangible results, good outcome in time, cycle
● Ken= Opening/Energy: fresh start, positivity, new freedom
● Tyr= Victory: success, courage, favorable outcome to action
● Beorc= Growth: ideas manifested, gentle action, family
● Eh= Progress/Movement: swift changes to secure position
● Lagu= Fluidity/Emotions: psychic powers, vitality, review
● Haegal= Limits/Disruptions: break from constrictive ideas
● Rad= Journey/Quest: safe journey, attunement, seek and find
● Thorn= Protection/Gateway: safety, foes neutralized, defense
● Daeg= Breakthrough/Ambition: catalyst, transformation
● Is= Stasis/Standstill: rest, refocus, pause in activity
● Sigel= Wholeness/Achievement: vitality, healing, power
● Wyrd= Fate/Destiny: total trust, cosmic power, self-change.
Runes could be seen as relating to the major arcana of the tarot, with Wyrd being
equal to the Fool, who comes at the start or finish of the tarot, depending on the
circumstances. See if you can make your own list matching the major arcana to the
There are several spreads to work with, for runes. The first type uses 3 runes
drawn from the bag and laid out in a line, left to right to advise you on the direction a
query may go. First shows the present circumstance, second shows action needed for
the query, and third offers a possible result.
Or you can ask yes/no questions by pulling 3 runes. If they all come out with the
symbol right side up, the answer is yes. If all upside down, the answer is no. If mixed,
the answer could go either way.
Runic Cross: 1. Top, 2. Left, 3. Bottom, 4. Below bottom, 5. Right, and 6. Center.
1 is past/past influences. 2 is present/present influences. 3 is future/future influences.
4 is the foundation for these influences, in this situation/per this question. 5 shows the
possible obstacles to achieving a goal. 6 shows what situations are on the horizon.
Elemental Cross tarot reading also translates to runes. 1 top/North, 2 right/East,
3 bottom/South, 4 left/West, 5th center/Spirit. 1 shows overview of the situation, 2
shows possible challenges to the situation, 3 suggests action needed to gain the desired
goal, 4 provides a look at some options or choices related to the situation, and 5 shows
the outcome, or how the situation is likely to turn out