Ocean Mother Spell

Yemaya, the Ocean Mother, is a benevolent goddess who
helps human beings in many ways. Originally an African
river goddess, her worship was brought to the New World
by Africans who had been kidnapped into slavery. It spread
through North America, South America, and the Caribbean.
She became known by different names in different lands, but
by whatever name she is called, Yemaya is known for her
willingness to respond to human calls for help.
This spell should be cast at a beach on a moonlit night,
while the tide is coming in. It is most powerfully cast
beneath a Full Moon or a Crescent Moon (use a calendar to
time this). You will need:
seven blue, white, or silver candles
a stick of sandalwood incense
a piece of beautiful blue, white, or silver cloth
a piece of blue, white, or silver ribbon
a piece of blue or white paper with your wish written
on it, preferably in silver ink
fish food (Get this froma pet supplies shop.)
seven small offerings (Appropriate offerings to
Yemaya include fans, flowers, jewelry, sea shells,
crystals, coral, soap, perfume, grain, and yams. Use
small items such as tiny shells, pieces of yam,
miniature bottles of perfume, and so on, for this
This spell begins when you first consider which offerings to
use. It grows in power as you gather the offerings and make
the offering bundle. The spell is cast when you offer the
bundle to Yemaya. You do that by leaving it where the sea
will take it, so it is helpful to study the tidal patterns at your
beach for several days before you cast the spell. Choose an
offering site that the tide is sure to reach. If you will need to
toss the offering off a jetty or down onto rocks, that’s fine.
Assemble all the spell ingredients, except the candles and
incense. Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space
around the area where you will be working. Lay the cloth flat
upon your altar or other working surface. Put the paper with
your wish in the center of the cloth, and place your seven
offerings on top of that. Sprinkle the fish food over the
offerings. Wrap the cloth around everything to create a small
bundle. Wrap the bundle tightly with the ribbon, and tie it
with seven knots. You should have a small, attractively
wrapped package when you finish.
The Spell
Go to the beach at the appointed time. Arrange the candles
on the sand in any way that pleases you, then light them.
Get into a magickal mood, and raise power. Light the incense
from one of the candles, and stick it into the sand. Pass your
offering through the incense smoke seven times, then place
it reverently in your offertory site. Say:
Ocean Mother, Queen of the Sea,
Hear my plea and answer me.
Mother of Secrets, Mother of Fish,
Accept my gift, and grant my wish.
By the power of moonlight,
Grant my wish if it be right.
Monitor the candles until they burn themselves out, then
ground the power that you raised. It is best if you can
remain on the beach until the tide comes all the way in, and
then goes out. It is a good omen if the waves immediately
snatch your offering and drag it out to sea. If the sea does
not accept your offering, or if it is returned with an incoming
tide, your wish is not likely to be granted.