Once you are comfortable journeying, this is a Middle World journey you can use to bring healing to a place, such as your neighborhood or even your whole city.

It does not have to be a place where you live; it can be any place you are familiar with that is in need of healing.

Set aside at least 30 minutes of time and prepare for your journey.

When you are ready, hold the intent in your mind to journey in Middle World to meet the spirits of the place you have chosen.

Ask one of your power animals to meet you and guide you on this visit.

Once the drumming starts, see yourself in your home or another safe place in Middle World.

This will be the starting point for your journey.

You will not be traveling downward or upward this time, but instead moving around Middle World.

If your power animal did not meet you there, ask it to join you and protect you.

With your power animal, travel to the place you want to heal.

Whether it is your own neighborhood or a faraway place, once you arrive, you’ll want to explore your surroundings.

The goal is to find the helping spirit or spirits of the place.

When you do find them, ask how you can contribute to their work.

They will usually give you a specific task to perform after your journey.

When you receive the information, thank them for their work and guidance and return to your starting point.

Before returning to your body, thank your power animal for accompanying you.

You may find their request was rather odd, but know that it is the energy exchange they need from you.

In one such journey, I was asked to clap for the trees.

While I am sure I seemed a bit eccentric walking around clapping at plants, this was a way to give of my own energy to help heal the land.

Clapping works in similar ways to a rattle, shifting the energetic vibrations in an area. Sometimes they will ask for offerings rather than actions. Whatever they ask of you, the important part is the willingness to be an agent for healing.