King of Peace Seven-Day Spell

This spell creates a charm that you can keep near you to
promote peace in every aspect of yourself and in every area
of your life. It invokes Obatala, The Old Man of the
Mountain, an African god who is considered a goddess in
some traditions. He is known by many names in the New
World, including Oxala and Orisha Popo.
Begin the spell on a Saturday at any time of day or night.
You will need:
two blue or white candles
a white cloth
eight sticks of patchouli incense (one for each day,
plus an extra stick)
a blue or white mojo bag
a small blue or white stone
seven pinches of dried rosemary
seven rose petals, preferably froma white rose
seven clean, shiny dimes (Seven cowrie shells, seven
silver coins, or seven small silver objects could be
substituted for the dimes.)
Optional: an image of Obatala
Optional: white altar furnishings, including “white”
metals such as silver or pewter
Gather all of the spell ingredients. Get into a magickal mood,
and create sacred space around the area where you will be
working. Spread the white cloth on your altar or other
working surface. If you have an image of Obatala, place it
nearby. Put one candle and one stick of incense on the cloth.
(Reserve the other candle and the rest of the incense for the
other days of the spell.)
The Spell
Raise power. Light the candle, then light the incense from it.
Hold the stone in your hands. Focus on charging it with
peace as you say:
Obatala, King of Peace,
Chief of the White Cloth,
Father-Mother of Humanity,
Bringer of Peace and Harmony,
I charge this stone with your positive energy.
Obatala, by your power,
This stone is charged with peace.
Hold the stone in the incense smoke for a minute.
Concentrate on peace and harmony while you do this, then
put the stone into the mojo bag. Say one of these blessings
for each rose petal, as you hold it in the smoke for a moment
and then add it to the bag:
For peace with myself.
For peace with my past.
For peace with my present.
For peace with my future.
For peace with my karma.
For peace with those who love me.
For peace with those who do not love me.
Do the same with the coins, saying a blessing for each one
as you hold it in the smoke and then add it to the mojo bag:
For peace of mind.
For peace of heart.
For peace ofspirit.
For peace at home.
For peace at work (or school).
For peace in the family.
For peace in the world.
Do the same with each pinch of rosemary, but this time use
seven blessings of your own devising. Each line should
represent a different area of your life or aspect of yourself in
which you wish for peace. You will be very focused on
peace by this point in the spell, so the blessings should
come easily to you. Speak fromyour heart, and say whatever
comes to mind. You may wish, for example, to name seven
people with whom you would like to be at peace. If the
incense burns down before you finish, light the extra
incense stick fromthe candle flame and continue.
When everything has been smudged and put into the
mojo bag, close it tightly. If possible, tie seven knots in its
drawstring. Ground the power you raised. Leave the bag
atop the white cloth, and put them in a safe place, where
they can remain undisturbed while you work with them
during the week.

The Spell
Each day, burn a stick of incense on the altar. Hold the mojo
bag in its smoke, turning it so that the entire bag is
smudged. While you do this, concentrate on peace and say:
By the power of the number seven,
By the white clouds in the heavens,
With blessed peace and harmony,
This mojo bag enchanted be!
The Spell
Do the same on the seventh day, but raise power this time,
and light the remaining candle as well as the last stick of
incense. After you have smudged the mojo bag, use the
candle to drip seven splashes of wax over the knots that
close it. As you do this, concentrate on peace and again
By the power of the number seven,
By the white clouds in the heavens,
With blessed peace and harmony,
This mojo bag enchanted be!
The spell is complete once the candle and the incense have
finished burning. When the wax that seals the knots has
hardened, you can put the bag wherever you plan to keep it.
Ground the power that you raised, and clean up.
If your need for peace is constant, keep this bag with you.
Mojo bags are traditionally worn around the neck. You could
do that or carry yours in a pocket, handbag, backpack, or
briefcase. If lack of peace is a problem mainly in one place,
such as at home, school, or your office, you might want to
keep the bag there.
If your need for peace is intermittent, you can keep the
bag in a safe place and take it out whenever its magick is
needed. If it has been stored away for a time, squeeze it a
few times to reactivate it. To refresh the bag’s magick at any
time, smudge it with patchouli incense.
When the issues that brought you to needing this spell
are no longer issues, you can consider the spell’s work
complete. The mojo bag can then be buried, burned, thrown
out, put away in a safe place, or disposed of in whatever
way seems best to you. The stone and coins or other charms
may be cleared (see “stones” under “Spell Ingredients” on
page xviii) and retained for future use, if you like.