Food Magick: Can not be Evil

Visualization is the most advanced magical technique necessary for the successful practice of food magic. Food magic consists of choosing foods, cooking or preparing them with a purpose, and eating them. Since we all have to eat to survive, why shouldn’t we make our meals more than nourishment rituals?

It’s obvious that the energies involved in magic aren’t supernatural. On the contrary, they’re the energies of food and our own bodies— and of life itself.

Magic itself, let alone “Food Magick” can not be evil, except to a minority of folks who, for religious reasons, have decided that it is. These same folks often consider exercise, psychological analysis, self-improvement, and many other aspects of personal growth to be evil as well. Though their bias is clear, it’s meaningless to those who don’t accept their religious views.

Is magic dangerous? No more dangerous than any other part of life, from taking a shower to using a ladder. The idea that this ancient practice is dangerous stems from the concept that “magic is evil.” Magicians don’t contact demonic energies, perform sacrifices or worship fallen angels.

The fourth statement, that magic is an illusion, is also false. This idea is accepted by most of those who haven’t practiced it and who don’t belong to a fundamentalist religious group. It is difficult or impossible to prove to these cynics that magic is effective precisely because magic utilizes energies that these cynics haven’t yet fully investigated.

Still, the effects can be seen. Magic doesn’t produce miracles; it produces needed changes. Disbelievers usually discount the fruits of magic as
coincidence, as accidents, or as pure psychology. These three explanations are quite handy, but if magic produces the desired results time and time again, and if its practitioners find within its simple rituals ways of improving the quality of their lives, then it isn’t an illusion, no matter what others may say.

The only way you can discover this is by practicing it. Don’t believe that magic works. Try it, so that you’ll know that it does.