Creation of a Spell

1) The Purpose for the Spell , I’m sure if you need a Spell , one has already been written , But my personal insight on this , is it is always best to write your own , to tailor it to your own needs .Below is an example list ,but not just limited to the list .

  • Protection
  • Prosperity/Money
  • Healing/Health
  • Love
  • Justice
  • Banishing
  • Cursing
  • Success
  • Blessing

(2) The Reason why .What was the problem that cause you to want to cast a spell , This is where Your (Power) comes in , with out a reason there is no Power . (3) Now that you have Identified the (Reason) why , contemplate on this for a bit , what is the action I want to take on this ? Is it important? Think of all the many different out comes it may have , and are you ready and willing to take responsibility for (Any) and (All) of those out comes , whether Good or Bad ? (4) Contemplate on what you will need for your casting , what ingredients you will need that Identify with the purpose of your Spell . If one uses Deities / spirits of plants , animals / the dead as ancestors or saints / Anthropomorphic spirits ect ,which ones can accompany you with this particular need and want and will they work with you for it .Now remember not all spirits work for Free , some require you to pay a price , these prices , can be anything from doing a good deed , to a certain kind of offering example (incense/blood/bread ect ) , either a one time feed or a continuance feed until the spell is accomplished .Research what corresponding , signature ,vibrating ingredients you will , need for this kind of Spell .Below will be a few examples but not limited to these few

  • Astrological :Full Moon drawing in / waxing growing bigger /waning pushing away growing smaller , Days of the Week , hours in a Day , Astrological planet alignment
  • Natural elements : Herbs , Incense , Oils , The Cardinal points , elemental spirits, Animal and Plant energies
  • Numbers , Colors , shapes , Sigils, Candles , and or sounds
  • Maybe even your own personal correspondences that relate to you as a person

(5) Write your spell , whether it be a chant , invocation or a petition . This can be on any piece of paper or on a brown paper bag or in the dirt even .They can include any of the following and not just limited to the following examples.

  • Rhyming words or in poetry form
  • A brief paragraph clearly stating your goal.
  • Your own name written several times in a row.
  • Another person’s name written several times in a row.
  • A name crossing and covering another name.
  • A name crossing and covering a description of your goal.

Make sure and go over this several times before casting , does this clearly state my goals ? With the least amount of play for other actions to happen ? Is it direct and to the point ?(6) What form would you like to take with Your spell , Long form , short form , I think the shorter and simpler and more direct to the purpose works best , but that is my opinion.There are many different Forms that you can use , I will list a few , but they are not limited to .

  • Spiritual bathing Magic
  • Candle Magic
  • Gris/Gris /spiritual Bags/Medicine Bags/mojo Bags
  • Crystal Magic
  • Poppets/Voodoo dolls
  • Herb Magic
  • Sex Magic

(7) Perform Your spell , write it down , when , and how you performed it , How it felt , before , during and after , whether it worked or not for future using or twerking. or improving it later on. In The beginning I suggest one should write their own Spells , there are many reasons for this , one you design your spell to fit you and Your goal , not someone else , you choose and pick what you need for your spell , as all spells out there are (NOT) designed for your exact goal and need . As most spells out there , do not break the Spell down , to why this certain Herb or Oil was used .As certain Herbs contain certain correspondences and attributes.Lets use a Love spell for instance it might be detailed as in time , ingredients and purpose . you are a straight man or maybe a lesbian female , this spell has Lavender in it .. well this spell wouldn’t be for you because Lavender yes is an attraction herb , but it is also a male attraction herb , it’s energies are male . so this is the Dangers of using someone else’s Spells , that where actually designed for someone else , or designed buy someone who half ass research that someone did or half ass knowledge .Lavender is Great for a straight female or a Gay man to use , but not a wise choice if your sexual desires are else wise . Every Plant/oil Herb , has either male or female energies and purposes , this is why One mush do a real investigation on what these attributes and correspondences are , and not just use a generic table of these list .