Come Back to Me Spell

Is there someone you would like to have back in your life?
This spell is different from the others in the chapter because
it does focus on a particular person. No matter what the
cause of an estrangement, it isn’t ethical to force someone’s
return. It is ethical, however, to ask the Universe to reunite
you if you are meant to be together.
Whether it be a friend, lover, spouse, colleague, or family
member, the best way to end an estrangement is usually
non-magickal. Make an overture of some sort: apologize (or
accept that person’s apology), send a card, send flowers,
invite the person out for coffee, have a heart-to-heart talk,
and so on. But if there is some reason for avoiding these
obvious methods, or if you have tried themwithout success,
you could cast this spell. If you are nervous about how your
attempt at reconciliation might be received, you could cast it
as a prelude to making a nonmagickal overture.
In order for this spell to be ethical, you must be willing to
accept the will of the gods (the Universe) as to whether or
not you are to be reconciled. You must also be willing to
accept whatever type of reconciliation is offered. For
example, the door to a romantic relationship may be closed,
but the door to a warm friendship could open instead. If you
use this spell to try to impose your will upon someone else,
it is more likely to backfire horribly upon you than it is to
work in the way you desire.
The spell invokes Forseti, a Norse god whose dominion
includes reconciliation as well as mediation and arbitration.
He is said to always listen carefully to both sides in any
disagreement, and he is noted for the fairness of his
decisions. The spell can be cast at any time, but it is most
powerful on the night of a Full Moon. You will need:
a pentacle or pentagram (Any type will do, even the
symbol drawn on a piece of paper.)
a red candle
a carving tool
enough dried red or pink beans to outline the
pentacle (These can be found in grocery stores.)
pictures and items that connect you with or remind
you of the person you wish to be reconciled with (If
you don’t have any, write the person’s name with red
ink on pieces of paper and use theminstead.)
Optional: a rose quartz
Optional: music that reminds you of this person
Think about the person you want back. Concentrate on what
you miss about him or her, and why you would like the two
of you to be reconciled. Don’t focus on what went wrong
with your relationship, though, because you might be very
much mistaken about what caused your estrangement.
Instead, think about the benefits that a reunion would be
likely to bring to each of you.
Identify and collect every object you possess that
connects you and this person to each other. These might
include such things as letters, photographs, gifts, books,
souvenirs, items of clothing, e-mails, theater programs, and
the like.
The Spell
Gather the spell ingredients. Carve the person’s name or
initials into the candle. If you are using music, turn it on (or
begin to hum or sing it, if you prefer). Get into a magickal
mood, and create sacred space around the area where you
will be working.
Place the pentacle on your altar or other working surface,
and put the candle in the center of the pentacle. Working
deosil, place the beans around the circle of the pentacle.
Arrange all the small items that connect the two of you
around the pentacle; place any large items on or near the
altar. If you are using a rose quartz, place it on the pentacle
near the candle.
Raise power, and light the candle. Focus on the person
and on healing the rift in your relationship. As the candle
burns, open your arms wide and say,
As these words aloud are spoken,
Repair the ties that have been broken.
If it will harm none, and is meant to be,
Forseti, please bring _ back to me. If it be in accord with the Universe, Restore to me with this verse.
Forseti, He Who Stills All Strife,
Please return _
to my life.
As these words aloud are spoken,
Heal the bond that has been broken.
Concentrate on welcoming this person back into your life, as
you monitor the candle until it burns itself out. When it
stops burning, ground the power that you raised. You
should feel calm, and willing to accept whatever outcome the
spell will have.
Clean up. Package all the personal items that you gathered
for this spell. Put them away with the beans in a safe place
for two full cycles of the Moon (two months), or until the
spell has manifested. If you used a rose quartz, keep that
with you as a charmduring this period. Should two cycles of
the Moon pass without any movement of this person back
to you, it must be accepted that reconciliation does not seem
to be the will of the gods at this time.