A Spell to Rekindle a Friendship

Items needed: Oil lamp with a gold coloured or brass base, yellow lamp oil, lemon oil, yellow ribbon, yellow glass paint.

On the bottom of the lamp, write your friend’s name and your name and draw the following sigil:
Fill the lamp with yellow lamp oil, add three drops of lemon oil, and allow several hours for the wick to absorb the oil.
Paint several large yellow sunflowers on the globe, and then tie the yellow ribbon around the base of the lamp.

Chant the following as you light the lamp:

This flame shall shine by day and night
You will look up and see its light.
To guide you back into my life
And forever banish all anger and strife.

Allow the lamp to burn for three hours. During this time, call your friend and make arrangements for him or her to join you for dinner.

One hour before your friend is scheduled to arrive, light the lamp and repeat the chant.

Place the lamp in the room where you plan to spend the evening