Tea Leaves

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Tea leaf reading is an easy divination, as the energies of the individual and of the tea leaves are united in the process of holding the teacup and drinking the beverage.

To read tea leaves, you must use loose leaf tea. Generally, it’s 1 teaspoonful per cup, plus 1 “for the pot”. Tea bags are typically 1 teaspoonful per, so you can buy bagged tea and count it as pre-measuring. Just snip the bag open and empty contents into the

What types of teas you use will vary by your need and what you have on hand.

Black tea is good for strong energy and general readings, and include the following types: English Breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, and China Rose.

Herbal teas are also excellent and you can match the herb with the type of reading

Fairy Tea

3tsp English Breakfast Tea
½ tsp chamomile
1 tsp dandelion root
1 ½ tsp elder flower
1 ½ tsp hops
1 ½ tsp mullein
½ tsp raspberry leaf
1 ½ tsp rose hips

As you place the ingredients into the teapot, chant: Black for strength, then apple of night, wild grown root, and Lady’s blessing. Leap for joy, then between the worlds, tangle of bramble and fairy love knots. Brewed to invite the fair folk to tea, working together, they and me.
Whatever tea you choose to make, make it, enjoy it as you always would (sweeteners and milk are allowed, etc), and drink until only a very small amount remains in the bottom, just enough to swirl. When you are ready, take the teacup into your power hand (dominant hand), swirl the last bit of tea around, clockwise, 3x, then let the leaves settle into place as you rest the cup into the opposite hand. You may chant
while you swirl, if you like:

Swirl the leaves and set the tea,
Clear and true this reading see,
Lord and lady stand by me,
Guide my sight, so mote it be!

Look at the leaves after they’ve settled. What images come to mind? Do not strain at this, go with first impressions. The reading can be brief or complicated, depending on the amount of leaves in the cup and the patterning that results from swirling the cup.

As ever, your intuition is the best guide for your readings. Learn to open yourself to receive the impressions through relaxation and connection to the Elemental powers.

Sometimes you may see very complex images appear, in which a situation is impressed upon you. Changes in the workplace, influences of other people, etc, can appear in the leaves. You let the leaves act as your focus, for this technique, and as you allow the visual images to flow, you may see more than leaf formations.

Some tea ingredients and their uses:

● Anise- used to call spirits
● Bergamot- for success
● Chamomile- for meditation
● Elder flower- for divination
● Eyebright- for mental and psychic power
● Hyssop- for purification
● Mugwort- for divination (aids in visualization for meditation or dreaming,
as well)
● Mullein- for divination
● Rose hips- for psychic power and divination

Now, you wouldn’t want to use all of these together, pick and choose based on flavors, smells, and your purpose. These can be added to any other tea blend you’re working with as a starter.

For making your own tea blends, you can mix exactly the right things for your working needs. The following blends (intended for magical purposes, not medicinal ones!*) are mixed and stored, then used as needed.