The Celtic Cross spread is a deep look into your
life/situation/where you’re coming from/where you’re going.
● The Tree of Life spread uses either playing cards or tarot deck, using the
final 3 cards as a final impression-(Book 1, pg 119) makes a tree shape in
its lay out. The trunk shows the nature, attitudes, and strengths of the
querent’s life. Roots show the beliefs, foundations, and personal
interactions. The heart of the tree shows the most important matter
before the querent at this time. This spread uses up all of the cards, and
would take some time to read, but would give a full view into the person’s
life, and interpersonal relationships. The vision presented with this type
of reading is more important than the individual cards’ meanings.
● 5 card Elemental Spread (book 3, page 75) helps answer a question. You
draw 1 card for each element (North/Earth= physical influence, East/Air=
mental influence, South/Fire= energy influence, West/Water= emotional
influence, Spirit in the center of the circle, answers the question.
● Situation Spread (book 3, page 76) helps when you are unsure what to ask.
The end spread looks a bit like an hourglass, and the center card in the
spread points out what is really on your mind. It might re-state your
query, or show you some underlying concern.
● (not listed in the books, but has been very helpful to me) 3 card spread:
very simple spreads with multiple uses. The cards can be placed in a line,
or two can cross each other, etc. But here are some different things this
can indicate:
○ Past, Present, Future
○ You, Your Path, Your Potential
○ You, Relationship, Partner
○ Situation, Action, Outcome
○ Idea, Process, Aspiration
○ Mind, Body, Spirit
○ Physical State, Emotional State, Spiritual State
○ Subconscious, Conscious, Superconscious
○ Option 1, Option 2, Option 3
○ What I think, What I feel, What I do
○ Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice
○ What worked well, What didn’t work well, Key lesson
○ This brings you together, This pulls you apart, You must Focus on
○ You want this from the relationship, Your partner wants this, Your
relationship is heading towards this
○ Option 1, Option 2, and What you need to know to make a decision
○ Situation, Obstacle, Advice
○ Aspiration, Obstacle, How to Overcome
○ Opportunities, Challenges, Outcome,
○ Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis