Purple is associated with spiritual power and psychic protection. It also relates to introspection and imagination; it encourages deep thoughts and helps to fulfill aspirations. It is the color of magic, mystery, creativity, spiritual power, and emotional balance. The color purple is often associated with wealth, opulence, prosperity, sophistication and prestige. The robes of nobility were purple for centuries, hence, it is a color often connected to royalty.

Darker hues are often associated with luxury and decadence while lighter shades, such as violet and lavender draw sensuality, romance, creativity, and most of the positive traits of purple. Violet is most suggested for deep meditation, calming oneself and achieving a deep sleep. All hues of purple inspire and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment.

Purple combines the energy of red and calmness of blue; as it balances opposites, it is considered the ideal color. Using the color purple is useful when you are trying to re-balance your life as it calm overactive energy. Purple is also considered the color of gratitude and healing.

This lovely color can be used when practicing magicks concerning astral travel, divination and spiritual power; on a more earthly plane, use purple for spells and charms having to do with ambition, successful business progress and self assurance.

On a physiological plane, purple stimulates brain activity that is used for problem solving. It creates a peaceful environment by fostering harmony of the mind and the emotions; it enhances the link between the spiritual and the physical worlds. If you have a complex problem to solve today, purple will be the color to reach for. It actually stimulates the part of the brain activity for just that purpose and can guide you toward good judgement.

To increase your divine wisdom and understanding or open your third eye, use or wear purple crystals such as amethyst, fluorite, sugilite. They also help to ground you and enhance your feelings of harmony within your environment.