Anything of power, especially something with a mysterious power that we don’t
fully understand, is bound to be surrounded by superstition. And the Moon is
certainly no exception. In fact, the Moon is probably shrouded in more
superstition than any other object in the Universe.
While some of the following superstitions do actually bear a shred of truthyou’re apt to catch more fish by day during the Waning Moon, for example,
because fish can see food better in bright light-some of those connected to the
Moon are just plain ridiculous. And it’s interesting to note that most of the
absurdities were largely contributed by leaders of the early church. But why
would they even bother to concoct such nonsense? The answer is simple: by
making people afraid of the Moon, they hoped to stamp out lunar worship.
Naturally, it didn’t work. In fact, it only served to add to Her mystique, and
increase the interest of nearly everyone She managed to touch with the
iridescence of Her silvery light.
,t Women should always take care not to let the Moon shine on their faces while
sleeping. Otherwise, the Moon will twist their faces and steal their beauty
Birth and Pregnancy
* Pregnant women who sleep with the Moon shining on their bodies will be
“moonstruck” and thus give birth to idiots.
,t Should a child be born during the Waning Moon, the sibling who follows shall
be of the opposite sex.
* Should a child be born during the Waxing Moon, the sibling who follows shall
be of the same sex.
,t A child born between the phases of the Waning Moon and the New Moon is
sickly, weak, and shall not live long.
,t The devil lives on the Moon and controls Her; thus, he is sure to molest those
who gaze upon Her face and claim them as his own in short order.
Fence Building
,t To build a wood fence that will not break or rot, always set the posts while the
Moon is waning, and wait until the Moon’s horns point skyward to lay the
lower rail. Then stake and complete the fence when the Moon’s horns point to
the Earth. It’s said that preparing the fence as such will prevent escape-even
the escape of children!
* In the Waxing Moon, set hooks at night; when the Moon doth wane, fish by
Home Building
House foundations laid when the Moon is black will sink into the earth.
* Only shingle a roof when the Moon is dark; otherwise the shingles will warp.
Livestock born during a Waning Moon will be sickly and die within the month.
,t Bow to the Moon when She is new; your luck will then run fast and true.
,t It is unlucky to view a New Moon through tree branches.
,t Pointing at the Moon brings bad luck, but to do so at the first New Moon of the
year brings nothing but twelve months of sorrow.
,t For a fortunate marriage, set the date twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the
appearance of the Full Moon.
* The Scottish believe that weddings should always occur during the Full Moon
to ensure the long-term happiness of the couple.
,t Always cut wood on the Waning Moon, as it’s said to prevent damage by
termites and worms, and to provide a more slow-burning fire.