Meditation, Grounding and Centering Part 2

The next important step is to learn to Ground and Center.

What does that mean exactly? Well during the course of our day-to-day, our energy scatters to the four winds as we try to grapple with the hectic business of our lives.

We multi-task more than ever these days and as a result, our energies get fractured.

Grounding and centering helps to pull your energies back to yourself and connect with the healing and transforming energy of the earth.

So how do you start?

First, you must learn to visualize that your feet are literally fused to the earth.

Close your eyes and picture yourself standing barefoot in a place that gives you peace.

A quiet green meadow, a lush cedar forest, a tropical oasis, even the vast and shifting sands of a golden desert.

Now imagine that your feet are the base of a tree trunk and visualize roots forming from your feet down deep into the earth anchoring you.

Now that you’re anchored, you are directly connected with the earth’s energy.

You can now use that energy to boost your own and not deplete your energies in whatever workings you are doing.

This is the act of Grounding.

You do not have to actually be outside for this, all that is required is the visualization.

Now once you are grounded, you’ll want to get Centered.

Picture your aura in your mind.

You’ll notice that there are little tendrils of energy, like little fingertips or the arms of an anemone.

These tendrils are the different directions that our energy gets scattered to as we go about trying to manage our hectic lives:

TV, work, the kids, financial concerns, medical troubles, social media, every little thing that scatters our focus and attention even when we’re not consciously thinking about it, but still have lurking in the backs of our minds drawing on our energy, pulling it away from us.

Each person’s energy center is unique and special to them.

For some, it’s in their solar plexus, for others, the heart chakra, and still, for others, it’s at the tips of their fingers.

And for some, it’s none of these.

Pay attention to whatever sensations your body experiences as you do this to find where your energy centers and collects.

Is it warm, or cold?

Do you feel a tingling or vibration?

Is it a prickly sensation, almost like a pain but not quite?

Do you get a sensation of vertigo but not feel sick from it?

Or is it a sensation that is unique to you that you can’t quite describe?

Where is this sensation the strongest?

Once you answer these questions you’ll better be able to recognize when your energy is active.

Now that you’ve identified where your energy is and what it feels like, pull that energy back into yourself.

Quiet your mind and imagine your aura pulling tightly against your body and all those little tendrils melding back into it to form a solid and undisturbed form once again.

The bulk of your aura will be concentrated into a tiny ball in your energy center as you visualize it being cleansed and strengthened.

Take several deep breaths.

Imagine pure white light entering your body with each breath and a muddy cloud leaving your body as you exhale.

Take as many breaths as you feel you need to, but a good recommendation as you’re starting out new is to do this for anywhere between 15-20 minutes.

With practice, you will eventually be able to accomplish this within seconds, but in the beginning, it’s best to do this where you will not be disturbed.