Mastering Manifestations 1.2 : The Power of Concentration

When it comes to manifesting what you want, nothing beats focus and clarity.

Yet most people can’t get clear or remain focused long enough to get what they want.

They keep changing their minds or getting distracted, losing concentration and frittering away their manifestation power.

Here’s how to gain real concentration so that you can manifest what you want.

When talking about manifesting, it means creating outcomes that you want.

Sometimes you have to take intermediate steps to get to your outcome; it’s just part of the manifesting process.

Each step manifests the next step, which ultimately leads to your desire being fulfilled.

Concentrating can help you manifest much faster because it keeps you focused on the next step.

If you know people who get what they want, you may notice that they are very good at keeping concentration for longer periods of time compared with those who seem to struggle to get what they want.