Lamp Magick

The lamp has four distinct parts. The base of the lamp corresponds to the element of earth and is the foundation upon which you will structure your magickal work. The globe represents the element of air and is a reflection of your intention. The wick that burns becomes the element of fire and is a symbol of your energy, motivation, and power. The oil is equivalent to the element of water and the fluid that
sustains your motivation.

The first step in lamp magick is to paint or decorate the lamp base with colors and symbols that reflect your desire. For example, if you were doing a love-drawing spell you might want to paint the base red, with pink and white hearts and then add a heart patterned ribbon.

The globe is the ideal vehicle for magickal expression. Using glass paint, write the name of the one you desire in red paint and your name in pink. Fill in the empty spaces with hearts and flowers. The oil is what empowers or gives life to the wick; it is the source of energy and power that will manifest your desire. For love, you could mix a few drops of rose oil in with red lamp oil to reinforce your intention.

Lamp Oil Colours

Red Love, passion, desire, strength, and courage
Yellow Communication, attraction, persuasion
Green Money, luck, health, goals, love, marriage
Blue Creativity, peace, wisdom, psychic ability
Purple Power, ambition
Clear Universal, can be used for all general works.