Kitchen Witch: Tomato

(Lycopersicon spp.)

Element: Water

Energies: Health, money, love, protection


Known as zictomatl by the Aztecs,the tomato is an ancient food. When it was introduced into Europe in the sixteenth century, the tomato was
regarded with suspicion. It is botanically related to nightshade, which is obvious from studying the plant’s leaves, flowers, and even fruit. Everyone assumed that its fruits were also poisonous, despite the tales of the inhabitants of New Spain (Mexico) eating it and surviving.
The fruits became known as “love apples” and were finally accepted into the dietary regime. At some point in the past, the tomato was considered to be a lucky food, and the red tomato pincushions that are still made today are a survival of this idea. Lonely women once dried tomato seeds and enclosed them in a piece of cloth. They wore this charm around their necks in the hope of attracting men.

Magical uses:

Tomatoes can be used in a number of ways. Tomato sauce, tomato juice, and the popular Italian combination of sun-dried tomatoes,
mozzarella cheese, and basil are just some of them. For health, eat fresh tomatoes, or cook them with sage and rosemary. Mixing basil, cinnamon, or dill weed with tomatoes creates an especially potent, money-attracting food. For love, season tomatoes with rosemary, or eat them while they’re fresh and bursting with juice. To bring protective energy inside yourself, flavour tomatoes with black pepper, bay, dill, or rosemary.