Kitchen Witch: Spirulina

Planet: Venus

Seaweed salad in bowl,

Japanese cuisine

Element: Water

Energies: Physical energy


After they’d arrived in what is now known as Mexico, the Spaniards observed the Aztecs eating what was described as “green foam” or “green
mud.” The custom disappeared as the lakes surrounding what is now Mexico City were drained, and the food remained a mystery for hundreds of years. It seems that the Aztecs ate large quantities of spirulina, the “modern” wonder algae that thrived in the lakes. Spirulina, which is nearly 70 percent protein contains all the amino acids necessary for human life, as well as seven vitamins.

Magical uses:

Spirulina is available in tablet and powder form. It can be added to food or eaten alone, with visualization, to boost physical energy. All health food stores stock it.