Mature Basil leaves

Mature Basil leaves can be used for this technique. The resulting decoction is said to attract clients and prevent theft.


Glass jar or metal container

Handful of basil leaves

One pint of boiling water


✤ Shred the basil leaves into the container.

✤ Pour the boiling water over the leaves.

✤ Allow to steep for four days.

✤ Strain out the leaves and reserve the remaining liquid.

✤ Sprinkle the liquid over the thresholds and windowsills of the business premises and anywhere else the public is likely to go.

You may also choose to work according to feng shui principles and place the plants in the prosperity area. The nurturing of the seeds obviously has significant symbolism in the growing of the business, so it is good to have plants in various stages of development. As you can see, this spell uses information gained from several cultures, showing how universal herbal magic can truly be.