Emotional Management

That’s all well and fine, but how do you keep your emotions in check? Is there
any way to handle them without becoming completely disassociated from reality
or losing all sense of human compassion?
Absolutely. But it won’t happen overnight. It takes time, practice, and hard
work. Fact is, you have to train yourself to think before you allow any sort of
action to take place, even on the mental plane; and that can be difficult,
especially if you’re as emotionally-driven as I am. Because the alternative is
unpleasant, to say the least, I urge you to try the following tips-and do whatever
else may be personally necessary-to grab control of your emotions. Otherwise,
you’ll find your magic controlling you instead of the other way around. And
that’s a place you simply don’t want to go.
Remove all silver jewelry. As the metal of the Moon, silver is directly linked to
the emotional realm. But that’s not all. It’s also one of the strongest energy
conductors available to humankind. This means that silver can power the
emotions far past their normal capacity. And while that can be very
beneficial to magic, it’s simply not conducive to good emotional
management or clear-headedness. You can always put it back on once
you’ve gotten things back under control.
Focus. No matter what the circumstances, will yourself to look at the problem
calmly and with an objective eye. It often helps to ground and center. Just
breathe in through your nose, and inhale the green, calming, stabilizing
energy from the Earth. Exhale that red, unsettling energy through your
mouth, blowing it back into the ground. Three or four repetitions usually
does the trick.
Think. Mentally explore every possible solution. Turn the situation around in
your mind and look at it from all angles. You may just discover that the best
way to handle the problem is mundane in nature, and that magic isn’t
necessary at all.
Listen. Not just to the advice of friends and family, but to that inner voice as
well, because brushing it aside is just asking for trouble. Why? Because it’s
often that inner voice speaking for the Higher Self that brings the answers
you seek.
Once you’re back in charge and thinking clearly again, weigh all the options,
then make an intelligent decision and take action. It’s the best way I know to
keep things tinder control and to manifest your desires without any unpleasant
surprises-the latter of which we can all do without!