A Healing Ritual For An Absent Person

This simple healing ritual is for someone who has a virus or other debilitating condition.

The virus may be affecting the whole body and not responding to treatment.

As the ritual is intended to stimulate the body’s immune system, it is best done on the gentle early waxing moon energies

Through magick, a concentrated dosage of healing power is offered, based on a particular healing herb charged with the energies of the sender, but without any absorption of the actual substance.

So, rather than making a tea or tincture, you use empowered herbs.

This is a way of sending herb power to any person or creature without the need to worry about medical exclusions and correct quantities.

Place some echinacea in the center of your altar with a mortar and pestle.

Echinacea, or purple cornflower, is a herb that is taken medicinally to relieve viral conditions.

You will also need a ready cut-out doll shape in white material and a needle and pink thread.

Place on the altar symbols of health: fruit, flowers, seeds, and nuts are all full of prana, or life force.

Light two white candles, the god candle on the left, then the Goddess candle on the other side.

If you are working as a group, the person leading the ritual can light the candles.

Call on the person who is being healed, wherever they are, to visualize themselves in a cone of blue light at the time you will be carrying out the ritual.

With feet apart, draw up light through your feet, let it spread through your legs, up your body, your arms and through the crown of your hand (this process is sometimes referred to as raising a light body).

Then cast the circle.

Join hands if you are in a group and, beginning with the person in the North of the group, pass the power deosil from hand to hand, chanting:
May the circle be unbroken.

If you are working alone, walk around the outside of a visualized circle of light about five feet in diameter, pointing towards the ground with your power finger (the index finger of the hand you write with) or a wand made of willow, hazel or rowan or ash sharpened at one end.


Circle of light,
circle of healing,
protect me within
and aid this in my working.

Empower the dried herbs by mixing them in a mortar and pestle with a few drops of laurel or eucalyptus essential oil – these are also good for viral infections.

As you mix, chant a mantra, such as:

Heal and restore, strength once more.

If you are working as a group, one person should mix the herbs on the altar while the others chant the names of healing deities  in ever-rising intensity and pitch, for example:
Brighid, Ganga, Hermes, Thoth, Hygeia, Panacea, Sulis, Iduna!

As you do so, you raise a cone of healing energies over the mortar and pestle, breathing in life from the living fruits and flowers and projecting it as blue healing light that may be mingled with the green of the herbs.

You can adapt the chant if you do not wish to use specific names, for example:
Goddess, Mother, healer, restorer, hear our plea.

Now that you have raised the cone of blue power, it can be directed toward the person to be healed by pointing in the direction of their home, with either your power finger or a wand, and uttering a final cry:

Heal and bless.

Rather than now grounding the remaining power, you can use it to fashion a slower, but equally potent, talisman that will continue the work.

Sit quietly in front of the altar, facing north, and sew a doll-shaped bag, to be filled with herbs.

If you are working in a group, pass the doll, or poppet, and a needle and thread around the group. Each person can make a few very rough stitches, endowing each with a spoken hope or prayer for the sick person and visualizing the stitches filled with light.

When only the head is open, the person who made the last stitch should take it to the altar and fill the poppet with the charged herbs, speaking more healing words, and then sew up the head.

Place the poppet between the altar candles where the light can shine on it.

Now uncast the circle widdershins, either from hand to hand or with your power finger or wand,
seeing the light returning to the ground and repeating:

May the circle be uncast
but remain unbroken.

Any remaining energy can be grounded by sitting on the ground and pressing downwards or standing and returning the power with a stamp of your feet.

Leave the altar candles burning and eat the fruit and seeds and nuts to absorb the magical life force.

Blow out the altar candles (in a group, this should be done by the person leading the ritual) and send the light to the sick person.

The person receiving the healing may notice an intensity of blue light when the cone is released.

As soon as possible, give the poppet, wrapped in white silk, to the person to be healed, for them to keep close to their bed.