Center and Ground

This is an essential magical technique that ties
especially well into self-care. It’s a practice that can
calm agitated personal energy, replenish low personal
energy, and create a sense of belonging, connection,
and reassurance.
Center and Ground
This is the first thing you should do before engaging in any
kind of magical work, to ensure that you don’t drain your
personal energy during the working.
What to Do:
1. Close your eyes and take three slow breaths.
2. Visualize a light in the core of your body. What you
consider your body’s core is up to you; some people
locate it around the heart, others, the solar plexus or
lower in the abdomen. What’s important is that it makes
sense to you as the location of your core.
3. Visualize a tendril of light growing down from your core
toward the ground. See it reach down through the
surface, deep into the earth’s core. Visualize your tendril
of energy meeting the energy of the earth. Draw some of
the earth’s energy up that tendril as if it were a straw,
bringing it up into your body. Let the energy of the earth
fill you.
4. If you are tired or low on energy, you can use this earth
energy to replenish or rebalance yourself.
5. If you are jumpy or buzzing with extra energy that’s
making you jittery or flighty, then once you have
connected your energy to that of the earth, visualize
some of your personal energy bleeding off to be
absorbed by the earth.
This process can be easier to visualize if you imagine
the energy of the earth to be a different color from your
personal energy.
A magic circle is an energy barrier created to
delineate a sacred space in which to worship, a
container created to protect what is inside or to keep
unwanted energy out, and provides a way to collect
focused energy while it is raised before that energy is
released toward a goal. You might not always need a
circle, but how to cast one is a good technique to know
because the circle can also function as a personal
shield to ward off negative energy.